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Tim Watters is the premier impersonator, impressionist and look alike of President Bill Clinton.

Tim Watters has the total look, perfect voice and his mannerisms are absolutely stunning!

Tim Watters wows his corporate and association audiences with the way he personalizes his performances.

In addition to his hilarious presentations, Tim goes out of his way to mingle with his audiences following his presentations with a meet and greet and photo opportunities.

Tim Watters adheres to the highest level of professionalism never offending anyone Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative.

Tim's ability to think to "think fast and be quick on his feet" leads to memorable performances.

Tim Watter's material is constantly being updated as Hillary's run for the White House continues.

Over 250 Tonight Show Appearances To Date...

"Having Tim Watters perform was an executive treat. Once you have gone presidential, everything else is inconsequential."
- Steve Ruderman, Credit and Collection News Conference 2007

"White House staffers in the restaurant were completely fooled."

- Richard Tillery, Washington News Bureau

"I did not think our directors would ever stop laughing."

- Joyce Tudrin, International Radio & Television Society Foundation

"You are absolutely teriffic and a credit to your profession."

- James D. Gath, USA Today

"You were the highlight of our conference."

- Kim Story, Bell South Mobility

"He did a great job! The total look and mannerisms are perfect!"
- Mary Bell, American Mutual Life Insurance

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